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Strategy & Business Growth

An organization's success is best reflected by its strategic initiatives undertaken for achieving the sustainable competitive advantage and for building the robust platform for 3-5 years business planning.

We help organizations to build the right strategy for many core business areas including growth strategy. This is highly important to have right strategy for growth in right direction and to avoid the huge wastage of money, time, and efforts in non-strategic objectives. We undertake following major strategic tasks among several others:-
Strategic Roadmap & Execution
We transform organization's vision & intent into actionable strategic roadmap. This is central business blueprint for aligning all busienss activities, so we give careful attention to corporate ambitions, barriers, and investor goals.
> Strategic Destination:-
We help your company in setting the destination through long-term visioning. We identify the future opportunities and analyse the recent & past market trends. Additionally, we closely determine involved requirements & risks associated with multiple paths for achieving the desired results before arriving to a robust strategic roadmap.
> Strategic Business Plans
We work with management for drawing the commercial & operational business plans for desired value creation.
> Strategic Business Plans
We work with management for drawing the commercial & operational business plans for desired value creation.

> Execution & Strategic Reviews
We help in ensuring the successful execution of business plans. We monitor execution to keep it aligned with strategic roadmap. Additionally, we also acknowledge the fact that no strategy lasts forever in highly dynamic market, so regular reviews are required to maintain the more adaptive approach for strategy development.
Strategic Joint Ventures, Alliances, Divestitures and M&As
As we understand wide array of business growth drivers, we provide a platform for executing strategic joint ventures, alliances and M&A deals. We do many things for end-to-end management of these deals e.g. we analyze deals' scope, develop deal strategy, showcase deal returns & capacity building, negotiate better value, align due diligence, plan for visible/ hidden potential issues, practice transparency & confidentiality and finally execute the deal with required legal compliances.
Growth and Innovation Strategy
Everybody talks about growth these days with little/ no attention to long-term strategy goals. We are just occupied with managing regular activities. We help you maximize your short-term & long-term growth potential.

  1. We review the performance of current product/ service portfolio and market dynamics.
  2. We do target customers' need analysis for better service & strengthening current/ future product portfolio.
  3. Preparing target product/ service portfolio and identifying product adjacencies to be targeted in short-term & long-term strategic roadmap.
  4. New products/ services innovation & roll-out planning
  5. Increasing share in existing markets
  6. Expansion in new geographies
  7. Encountering market saturation and low-cost challengers
  8. We help to bring sustainable differentiators.
  9. We manage active and passive change resistances without losing pace & peace.
Diversification Strategy
There may be many drivers for diversification e.g. market saturation, price pressures, expensive innovation cycles, management's entrepreneurship, financial crisis, govt. regulations, etc. We help you in formulating the diversification strategy irrespective of involved drivers.

  1. Identification & evaluation of growth areas & sectors.
  2. New capacities to be bridged while leveraging core competencies.
  3. Strategic evaluation of investments and risk dimensions.
  4. Organic (Build) vs. In-Organic (Buy) growth strategy.
  5. Roll-out and handholding
Market Entry Strategy - Domestic/ International
Considering no domestic or international boundary barriers, there are many logical routes to enter into any market where company may have business interests. Additionally, timing of market entry is a highly crucial factor as it may change whole tone of strategy in case of early, mid or late market entry. We make the safe road to new markets by supporting you at each phase of market entry while minimizing the risks.  
Capacity Building
Once strategic roadmap is finalized, its successful execution highly depends on right competencies. We help you in required capacity building which may result in acquiring new skills, building right attitudes, technical knowledgebase, new recruitments, new units, and other things required to achieve business goals.
Customer Strategy
Customers are at the foundation of all businesses and are solely driven by honest solutions/ services. We strategize and improve your approach to selling, customer acquisition, reputation management, issue management, customer engagement - offline & online, performance analysis, managing high satisfaction levels, etc. We also give special attention to customer data collection and multi-channel customer interaction interfaces.
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