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Strategic Ventures and Partnerships

We have strong belief in value creation for businesses & overall social - economic ecosystem. As a vibrant company, we exercise our entrepreneurial efforts to participate in diversified business/ social ventures. Following are our business venturing modes:-

1. Strategic Consulting -

"We do it for you"
We convert your ideas to reality and handover the value created to you.

2. Strategic Partnerships & Joint Ventures

"We do it with you"
We get into collaborative ventures for joint portfolio expansion & excellence. Few examples are :- Sales Territory Expansion, Joint Marketing Activities, Transaction-based Ventures, Joint Investments, Product Innovation & Development, etc.

3. Owned/ Promoted Ventures

"We do it ourselves"
We regularly research & identify venturing opportunities and execute them independently. This keeps us updated with latest market trends and amplifies our business knowledge.

We make collaborative platform to execute business assignments smoothly with transactional experience and deep understanding of underlying disciplines like following among several other knowledge areas :-
  1. Industry Best Practices
  2. Technology & Project Management
  3. Corporate and Business Laws
  4. International Trade & Anti-Dumping Laws
  5. Finance and Taxation
  6. Arbitration and ADR
  7. Real Estate & Municipal Laws
  8. Acquisitions & Mergers
Please also see - Strategy and Business Growth, India Entry and Post Entry Services, SME Excellence Center

Our business venture models enable us to unlock sustainable domestic & global opportunities. We have specialized capabilities for executing business ventures/ deals between UK & Indian markets.
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