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Start-up Hub

The best entrepreneurs take rough roads mostly based on their passion, experience, creative vision, exposure, social cause or pain. Startups encounter several choices and challenges in various forms among the following major ones: -
  • Validating startup idea or problem solution, skills, technology & passion
  • Startup to sale or scale?
  • Choosing right business model
  • Strategic Business Plan and Phase-wise Execution Plan
  • Who should be our co-founders, employees, advisors?
  • Where is the fund?
  • Knowing about legal & regulatory requirements
  • Customer's Trust
  • Gap between your first delivery package and desired offerings
  • Revenue Distribution
  • Brand, Marketing and Sustainable Operations
  • Management skills to take startup to commercial fruition

Apart from above, entrepreneurs need to make many choices on way towards making a stable and successful startup. We help you align these activities economically so that you can take maximum mileage for your startup venture.

We can also participate in your startup with our Ventures services.

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