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Mar, 12
Tanzania Gold Mine Deal Liasioning
Worked for aligning the right deal partner for an ambitious gold mine deal in Tanzania where gold exports contribute significantly to country's GDP. Mine deal execution is a complex process and to be executed with careful analysis of legal, political, global market scenario. We advised for deal structuring and other strategic aspects.
Feb, 12
Client acquisition in paint sector
A value added client acquisition is done in paint sector. To arrive at final business solution, it took an extensive detailed study of current and future market trends, paint eco-system, optimizing value chains, product portfolio, distribution channel mgmt., etc. Project delivery is expected in Q1 of FY12-13. The client will enjoy the better business control and will add many sustainable values to the business by the completion of this transformation initiative.
Jan, 12
Market research :- Nano technology trends
Conducted market research for nano technology trends globally and recent developments in India. This research was targeted to help customer in strategic roadmap alignment and better market positioning.
Dec, 11
Sourcing from India
Added following items to our global sourcing portfolio as marketing partners :- High-Performance Industrial Paints, Resins, Pigments, Extenders, Bio-degradable Additives. Contact us for product details and competitive quotations.
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