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Our Intangible Assests

At Liberation Direct, we are driven by three core values which give storng foundation to the company :-
We believe in continuous innovation in concepts, products, services, process, systems, relations & thinking patterns as change is a permanent cycle which influence every single object in universe and our understanding time to time at different pace.
Excellence in doing something, brings more certainties in the outcomes of any kind of efforts. This is exactly what we all expect in our life, businesses and relations.
The Trust
"The trust amplify the trust more". When we have high trust in our and others' capabilities of innovation & excellence, things happen which amlify the trust more naturally. That is why, our customers' trust come naturally because we strive to achieve the excellence in our innovative services & soultions.

Apart from our three core values, following are key integrated attributes & common denominators of our belief system :-
We practice and promote high levels of integrity, not just talk about it. Our clients, partners, team enjoy the same in our all dealing and intreactions.
We don't ditch taking professional & personal accountabilities.
We practice confidentiality in our dealings with our clients and other stakeholders.
Partner of Choice
We want our customers to qualify us as their partner of choice based on our capabilities. This saves everybody from unfulfilled expectations because we respect your's and our investment of time, effort and money. Additionally, it fosters desired results and nurtures long-term relationships.
We respect Time
We respect your time & our time because we believe that who do'nt respect the time, the time don't respect them in return sooner or later.
We respect difference in opinions
Honest and conscious opinions are based on long journery of experiences and exposure to diversified circumstances. We respect difference in opinions because everybody has different path of this opinion building journey. We move forward faster when the context and relevant honest opnions, are contributing in right direction together.
Everybody is blessed with some talent
Everything, in this universe, is complementing the other and has some unique importance which the others don't have. Every talent has it's validity in it's relevant context and the world is full of endless contexts.
We love receiving feedbacks
We love to hear from all of our stakeholders - clients, team, society, partners, competitors, etc. as this is the fastest way to improve or change gears and to move forward in right direction.
We practice teamwork internally and with clients as we believe in this proverb :- "None of us is as clever as all of us"
We expedite healthy competition
We promote ethical ways for the fulfillment of personal, commercial & social ambitions. We believe that the honest quests demand efforts for lasting results in all dimensions of life. And, when genuine efforts compete, everybody advances, not just the winners of the particular moment in time. Additionally, no winning or defeat, is permament because just like change, the competition is a constant companion of the time.
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