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India Entry and Post Entry Service

With consistent growth, India has been rated as one of the most attractive FDI destination in the world. Liberalised reforms in FDI policy, industrial deregulation, diversified modern industries and services, vast network of banks & financial institutions, abundance of natural and intellectual resources, have eased and accelerated the investment process in India. Global companies, of all sizes and capacities including start-ups, are increasingly joining world's largest democratic country's growth story.

For ensuring the success of your Indian vision, we assist you in dealing with variety of business execution dimensions as follows:-
  1. Understanding India in terms of geography, people, economy, government & civil administration, etc.
  2. Foreign Investment Policy & Trends
  3. Market Certain Raiser & Alignment
  4. Analyzing Market Entry Options
  5. Strategic Business Roll-out Plan
  6. Incorporation & regulatory approvals of the Indian entity
  7. Business Roll-out Plan Execution & Careful Performance Watch
  8. Identification, due-diligence & alignment of Properties-Plant/ Office, Business & Service Partners, etc.
  9. Post Roll-out business operation management
  10. Laws & Regulations
  11. Exit Models

Apart from above & other consulting services, we help you gain excellence in your Indian venture.

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