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Global Partner Programs

We acknowledge that the companies require the broad array of services to manage their business activities. It is very difficult for any single company to deal with full set of business requirements. We collaborate with our valuable global partners to meet specific business requirements and to deliver the desired value to the customers.

We collaborate on fair terms for sustainable & genuine partnerships globally in various industries for specialized and complementary services.

Global Partner Programs
To choose the right partner program, explore following program categories: -

LD Service Partners - This partner category covers the partners which provide business support services e.g. IT Infrastructure & Security Services, Advertisement & Marketing, Corporate surveillance, Hospitality & Media Services, Event Mgmt, Global Trading & Sourcing Services, etc.

LD Practice Partners - This program targets the partners who provide fundamental & specialized professional/ technical services e.g. Finance & Accounts, Audit Services, Technologists, Chemical, Polymer, Architecture, Plant m/c manufacturers, etc.

LD Solution Partners - Solution partners covers the providers of specialized business solutions in independent or joint capacity with Liberation Direct. Following are few examples: - Hosting Partners, Software Products & Services, Industry Specific Solution Providers, Business Intelligence, etc.

LD Referral Partners - We reward our customers, partners, consultants, companies and individuals for sharing the business opportunities with us.
LD Strategic Partners - Long-term business interest partners, Client strategic alliances, Investment Partners

Partner Profile
As we don't limit the potential, our partner programs are open for following capacities:-

1. Business Setups - All sizes i.e. small, medium & large enterprises
2. Consultants & Professionals
3. Individuals

Memberships to our all partner programs are free. To maintain the high levels of business ethics, all memberships are supported with required agreements and formalities.

Contact us to join the suitable global partner program or to schedule an appointment.

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