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Cyber Legal Consulting

Our legal advisory and litigation services cover every aspect of Information Technology law including cyber crime, intellectual property infringements, e-commerce and cross border taxation issues. Drafting of contracts, compliance issues, online dispute resolution, legal research and opinion work and outsourcing projects form integral part of Cyber Legal Consultancy. We represent clients in online dispute resolution cases administered under the ICANN Dispute Resolution Policy.
Associated Laws
  • Information Technology law
  • Intellectual Property laws
  • Corporate and Business Laws
Below is our Cyber Legal Services' coverage: -
• Cybercrime cases and investigations • Civil and criminal matters -Litigation – cyber cases, Trademark and copyright infringement and data theft cases • Hacking, credit card and phishing frauds • Cyber terrorism issues • Online impersonation, defamation , and cyber stalking cases • Consumer frauds • ISP liability issues • Conducting Antipiracy raids • Advice on E-commerce issues • Legal compliance with cyber laws in India and other countries • Drafting of e- contracts- privacy policy, terms of use, disclaimers, software services agreements,  confidentiality agreements, technology transfer and franchising agreements. • Online domain name dispute resolution • Trademark, copyright, domain name and patent registration & agreements
Cyber Forensics
The forensics division provides professional computer forensics, conducts cybercrime investigations and is involved in e-discovery and evidence procedures and processes. We provide computer forensics services to corporate entities, banks, individuals and government agencies. Information disclosed by clients is treated with utmost confidentiality and is duly protected by Attorney-Client privilege. We endorse and practice internationally accepted data protection principles and norms. We only use licensed and trained computer forensics examiners.
Investigation Tools & Gadgets: -
Tableau (T8) , USB cameras, apple ipod™, with USB interfaces, Tableau (T3u) Firewire 800 plus USB 2.0 SATA bridge, the tableau (T4) Firewire 800 plus USB 2.0 SCSI Bridge, Voom Drive Wiper, Shadow 2, Universal Mobile Extractor, Stego Suite’s tools, etc.
Cyber Forensics Coverage:-
• Computer and data forensic analytics • Mobile forensics • Cybercrime -prevention, identification, and investigation • E-mail investigations-tracking of defamatory/malicious e-mails • Intellectual property theft investigations/Data theft cases • Digital evidence- identification, collection, storage, imaging and recovery • Digital evidence- identification, collection, storage, imaging and recovery • Incident response services • Analysis of user activity • Filtrations and consolidation of data • Search and seizure operations • Preservation of digital evidence • Computer forensic analysis and reporting • Computer network Security audits • Cyber forensic consulting • Expert Witness and testimony services • Litigation support/Expert opinion • Law enforcement support
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